CEO Vic Thor Ebuz Trade mark

Ability to interprete a picture with your hands

They will try to stop us but never give up,stay cool

Creativity at its best

Water fall

This design is one of the designs that has inspired me about creativity


tap and play

Love look what u make us do

tap and play

Life in a flash

The awesomeness of God

Music heals the soul, a particular music is associated with a particular emotion or situation to help  u

the strength of the wolf is the park

john ogah......much love for this  guy attention to the mom and  dad

illusion...only someone will understand

freestyle art


christ in him

some of my work

great minds  great people

my work

my work

a self potrait of an awesome girl

a free style sketch of  mirabel

that is me...Vic Thor

the  hair got me  inspired

that is joy...the hair got me inspired to freestyle

some times u feel like giving up...but dont..get up and try

half done painting


source  of my  inspiration

proudly black...proudly Africa

read what u see  out

a biro sketch of someone

when i campaign for my favourite contenstant

give that answer a medal

a sketch of my aunty in 20mins

distract ions

places i pray to be

There is no video clip yet